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This is my OLD SITE!

This is my old blog.  The info for this year is not here.  The Bowie Website is currently not correct yet.

My new site is pesekbiology.weebly.com

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Don’t forget that your Native Texas Wildflower project is due Tuesday…GET IT DONE ON TIME!!!!

You can email it to me, but also print a copy if you do it on the computer.  It does not have to be done in color and you can print multiple pages per sheet of paper.

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Friday May 21st

What do you need for the final?

Bio Final Spring 10 Review

The review for Evolution and Ecology that you were given for the last test will be covered as well as the Human Systems notes you took from the book.

Biology Test Evolution and Ecology Review

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Wednesday May 12th

The last couple of days we have been taking notes and doing some book work.  Ch3 Section Assessments were due this past Monday.  Here are the notes we have been taking.  Evolution Notes

For Friday, You are to do Section Assessments 4-2 and 4-4.  Also, in Section 4-3, you need to copy into your notes, the name of each Biome, write a 2 word description for each one (Dessert – Hot, Dry) , draw the temp. and rain fall graph and copy down the Geographic Distribution of each Biome.

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Monday April 26th

OK guys,

Your debate is tomorrow.  The topic is “Bio-ethical Issues regarding Research Time and Money spent on Rare Genetic Disorders as compared with Common Diseases.” You should have what you need for research in the websites on the 2nd Lorenzo’s Oil worksheet.  If you need more research material, a simple Google search should provide more than enough info.

Remember, you need to have research to back up your arguments.  It would be best to print the research and highlight specific data within the papers for your arguments.  Everyone will be required to argue based on their research…this will be your grade for the debate.

Make sure, when forming your opinion, to take into account cost, who pays the cost, who is responsible for care giving and who is eligible for treatment.  These are a few ideas you can use, but feel free to have your own arguments as well.  This is your opinion based on your research.

After the debate, you will turn in BOTH Lorenzo’s Oil worksheets.  These grades are seperate from your debate grade.

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Wednesday April 21st

First off, the GATTACA worksheets were due today.

Your test corrections from the 5th 6 weeks test are due friday.  Here is the test

5th 6 weeks test

You also recieved the Extension Activity for Lorenzo’s Oil.  This worksheet is due Monday along with your debate argument.  I will give you a sheet to help form your argument later in the week

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Thursday, April 15th

So, you have a 6 weeks test tomorrow…I’m in a good mood so here are the review answers


5th 6 weeks review Answers

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Tuesday April 6th

OK guys.  We just finished up Lorenzo’s Oil.  The worksheet is due tomorrow, Wednesday the 7th.  IT IS A QUIZ GRADE.

In case you have not finished the test corrections from the Plant Test, here is the test

Plant Test

Lastly, here is the Karyotype Analysis lab we finished in class if you need a copy

LAB15-Karyotype Analysis

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Sunday, March 7th

Remember, tomorrow you need to have your project, the Ch 24 WS packet and Ch 23 Section Assessments ready to turn in.

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Wednesday, Feb 24th

Today we watched a short video and started Section Assessments 22-2, 22-3, 22-4, 22-5.  These are due Friday.  You do not have to do the Critical thinking.

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